Wheelset maintenance


Created in 2010, the EWC is devoted to the maintenance of freight car wheelsets, particularly changing wheels at the wear limit. The activity has expanded over the past few years to passenger cars and traction units.

The EWC is divided into two main entities:

  • A disassembly workshop for taking apart wheelsets to undergo maintenance and verifying and preparing their components, including special non-destructive tests.
  • A wheelset assembly workshop, which is also used for the manufacturing of new parts.

Likewise, VALDUNES INDUSTRIES provides its knowledge in the manufacturing of wheelsets to assist with maintenance. Thanks to its experience in business cases with complex logistics flows, the company has been able to create a dedicated organization that can offer a turnkey service that includes:

  • Management of components;
  • Management of spare parts;
  • Providing custom-bored wheels;
  • The option to replace a damaged axle.

Words we rely on: Responsiveness, Flexibility, Quality and Safety.

The EWC enables the replacement of wheels at their wear limit in an average of 15 working days, in order to ensure the optimal availability of the equipment.



GHH Valdunes 103



For its operations, EWC is certified ECFM, VPI and MA00245 (SNCF) or to client's specifications.

Besides the maintenance of freight axles, EWC offers the following services:

  • repairing paint on wheelsets;
  • replacement of class protection 1 on wheelsets (anti-ballast);
  • replacement of brake discs;
  • managing a permanent fleet of wheelsets.

and is currently developing:

  • maintenance of brake discs;
  • expertise in cartridge bearings;
  • expertise in gears;
  • overhaul of gearboxes.

Types of products:

  • standard freight;
  • shunters;
  • locomotives;
  • passenger cars;
  • HST.

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